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If an exhibition catalogue accompanies the exhibition, this could also be noted with «(catalogue)» at the end of the entry. (See underneath. )Exhibitions (might contain a put together checklist of solo, two-individual, and group exhibitions)2012 Solo Exhibition , MFA Thesis Exhibition , Katherine Nash Gallery, Regis Heart for Art, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 2011 The Gentle of Working day , Lee Hansley Gallery, Raleigh, NC 2007 Two-Particular person Exhibition , Reeves Contemporary, New York, NY (with sculptor, Johnny Swing) 2006 Solo Exhibition , Blue Spiral one, Asheville, NC 2005 one hundred% Acid Absolutely free , White Columns, New York, NY (curated by Micaela Giovannotti) 2000 Solo Exhibition , Desire Life of Toddlers , Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA (catalogue)Comments: Artists well into their occupations could want to divide the Exhibitions classification into individual headings this kind of as Solo Exhibitions and Team Exhibitions.

This makes it possible for the reader to conveniently grasp the selection and type of exhibitions in any presented yr. (See below. )Solo Exhibitions (or Chosen Solo Exhibitions)Comments: As you exhibit a lot more, you may perhaps want to different the groups and use both equally Solo Exhibitions and Group Exhibitions as headings. (If you include things like the different heading Solo Exhibitions, it is not required to involve the terms «solo exhibition» at the beginning of the entry, as they are all solo. )Solo Exhibitions. 2007 Warm Air Sincerely , Barrow and Juarez Contemporary Art, Milwaukee, WI 2005 Advert Infinitum , Art in Common, New York, NY 2004 Snow Never Melts , Franklin Art Is effective, Minneapolis, MN. Comments: When listing solo exhibitions, commence with the italicized title of the exhibition (if applicable), then the name of venue, town, condition, and region (if needed).

If an exhibition catalogue accompanies the exhibition, it may perhaps be noted with «(catalogue)» positioned at the stop of the entry. The CV speedypaper reread serves as a file of all professional things to do, so for those people just starting their careers, there is minor have to have for the headings Chosen Solo Exhibitions and Chosen Team Exhibitions. Having said that, as your job progresses, it is very likely that you will use the Picked Solo Exhibitions. Selected Solo Exhibitions. 2004 Lee Hansley Gallery, Raleigh, NC 2000 Aspiration Lifestyle of Infants , Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA (catalogue)Comments: For artists in particular time-based media, an exhibition may possibly be referred to as a screening.

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In that case, the category heading may possibly browse Exhibitions/Screenings or Exhibitions/Screenings/ Performances rather of Exhibitions or Exhibition History. For effectiveness artists, the heading Performances might be suitable. Based on the nature of the operate, an artist could use any a person or any mixture of headings, these types of as Exhibitions, Screenings, Performances, Curatorial Jobs, or Collaborative Tasks. Collaborative Assignments. 2008 Some Things We Do Collectively , Momenta Artwork, Brooklyn, NY (functionality in collaboration with Clifford Owens) 2003 RN: The Past, Current and Potential of the Nurse Uniform , The Cloth Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA (in collaboration with J.

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Morgan Puett)Comments: If you do the job in electronic artwork, new media, online video, overall performance artwork, or other collaborative tasks (such as co-curating exhibitions), be certain to note whether or not the function is collaborative.

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