HOW I WRITE ESSAYS (+ a very stressful day)

[Music] good morning everyone so it is Monday today it is super foggy and cloudy out I don’t know what’s going on but not gonna lie I kind of like it it’s like super spooky and fall-like and today I am just heading down to the dining hall right now to get some breakfast I’m gonna get some like oatmeal and fruit and stuff and I’m gonna work on some things a while I’m down there just like homework and assignments and whatnot let me show you my outfit super casual today this black cropped sweatshirt high-waisted jeans maroon converse and I’m wearing my glasses I get tons of questions all the time where I got my glasses from first of all yes they are fake they’re not prescription they’re just like plastic I got an off of I by direct comm this is not sponsored or anything please but I just have always loved the look of glasses and I have good vision naturally which is a good thing but like I never needed glasses so I’m like you know what glasses aren’t always just for seeing like obviously they are but like they can be used as an accessory in a fashion statement as well and I love them you guys see me I wear them in my vlogs all the time I just think they’re so cute and the frames that I got I really like how they just flatter my features and I like wearing them without wearing a lot of makeup so yeah if you don’t need glasses but you want to wear them go right ahead no one knows whether or not they’re prescription so you do you the first thing I need to do before I leave is laundry because it is overflowing [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right back from class it was good and I just made myself a pumpkin spice latte I’m eating a chunk of my banana bread I made I’m actually gonna start working on an essay because I do do schoolwork guys I just don’t show it all the time because boring all right essays how do I write on I have never been a fan of writing essays I’ve always despised it especially in high school when I got assigned an essay I would be like oh my god this is absolutely terrible but in college you write a lot of them um it’s halfway through the semester and I think I’ve written four essays all ranging from like two pages like seven pages which isn’t that bad because we’re just kind of like slowly moving in to the work but as you heard me say I’m working on an essay right now and I thought I should just kind of go through and explain what I’m doing and explain how I’m writing it for those people especially like me that just have always hated it writing essays I’m not that good at it so I’m currently writing a research paper and a research paper obviously is using research to support whatever topic you’re discussing so mine just happens to be about like how woman and men differentiate and how they use public space but that’s not really the point the point is basically how I work this out is that we have to use articles that were assigned to us and then also find secondary articles to support the ones you already have so I pronounced because I personally like to highlight them and take notes on them you can definitely use them on your laptop but I personally like physical copies and then all I do is kind of outline what I’m gonna write about so I outlined the main topics and the main paragraphs so this is just my outlet right here and then I started deeper outline into my different topics and then I kind of just transfer that into my essay here so all these little headings are just all the different paragraphs and topics I want to hit so that’s basically how I do it and I like to really spend time on each specific paragraph to make sure I got enough information and to make sure that I’m well incorporating all of the research into it so like I said I just went through and highlighted the main points and kind of like figured out what I’m including in each paragraph and how each caper relates to each paragraph and how it can support it so that’s basically how I’m writing my essay it’s a long process I’ve been putting it off for a little bit but once you kind of get the system down then you’re good to go but yeah basically the best thing is just to outline everything you want to write and then find the supporting information [Music] [Applause] [Music] I forgot about my laundry so [Music] I have been drinking so much water that I literally have to pee like every 30 minutes this is ridiculous why does this have to do this I love these jeans because they’re super high weights if for some reason the pockets like stick out ever so slightly and it’s so annoying I hate when you can see your pockets it just looks messy to me and every time I move the pocket like comes out first rolled struggles guys am i right [Applause] [Music] I don’t know why but all of a sudden I just got super tired like do you ever just get like hit with a wave of tiredness and you’re like man I can’t do anything so I’m literally just cuddled on the couch I’m watching that movie I was talking about it’s caught Orpheus it’s about Greek mythology it’s in French I have to read subtitles it’s really annoying and it’s honestly making me even more tired but I have to watch him so so I’m about to head to the gym I’m not gonna record it because it’s essentially gonna be the same thing as that like workout I just uploaded on my main channel um I fell asleep while watching my movie through all snooze I’m Boober tired but I’m hoping the gym just kind of gifts that energy back at me if not I’ll take it easy but yeah I’m just gonna go get it out of the way and then once I come back I can shower and go to bed I don’t really care yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna go ahead to the gym hello I am back it is actually quite late it’s like quarter after 10:00 I went to the gym and then I didn’t feel like cooking dinner so I went to the dining hall I went twice in one day I usually literally go like twice a week so like I was a little proud of myself for using that expensive meal plan that I have but I’m actually sleep two hours later and I got hungry again I’m getting some cravings cuz it’s at that time the month is so like I’m craving a bunch of carbs and stuff so I’m making a bagel and putting peanut butter and jelly on it and then yeah I really didn’t do much since then I had a nice long FaceTime with my friend which was fun being a nice chat but yeah as for today I just kind of did a bunch of like schoolwork and like not really fun things just like productive things so yeah I’ll get back to you tomorrow but as of tonight that’s really I’m just gonna get my bagel and go to bed good morning I’m looking super extra today because I just filmed a video actually and I’m still working on it you’re gonna see me at work a little bit and yeah I decided to go all out from makeup but unfortunately it is like whoring outside so all this hard work is look like a mess as soon as I step outside but it’s whatever filling a video on organization and because you’re subscribed to this vlog channel and you get a sneak peek on what I’m gonna be uploading and yeah I always get questions about how the heck I have my life together and sometimes I don’t I’m not gonna lie sometimes I’m a mess but recently I’ve I feel pretty on top of the game so I filmed that video and I think I’m gonna film a video on my banana ice cream as well because I always have questions about that and I really want to eat it right now so I might as well just film the process of me making it so I gotta finish taking those shots not taking those shots taken those shots so funny yeah so let me finish that because I’m on alright I finally finished filming I just filmed me making my banana ice cream it’s delicious it’s one of the best bowls I’ve made which is perfect because it just proves how good eating vegan is it’s not even the fact that it’s vegan it’s just the fact that it tastes so damn good and it’s literally made from bananas like and I changed shirts to to make it less obvious that I was filming on the same day but most people will probably catch on because I have the same exact makeup and if you watch this vlog you know okay so filming was the main thing I wanted to get done today I have class in like 40 minutes so I’m going to maybe do some work I don’t know I still in the filming mode I have to figure out what I need to do for the day but as of right now I’m just gonna eat this because it is delicious [Music] I’m very stressed I cannot quiet my flash drive for my computer that literally has everything on it it has the essay I’m working on it has all my design projects on it I can’t find it and I’m like flipping out and I’m gonna be late for class now because vixx I can’t find it oh my god so blessed the universe I found my flash drive I literally was having like a panic attack I was late to class and I was so flustered I was like if I don’t find this flash drive like my life is over because this has everything on it and I literally went through my vlog footage from yesterday and it was like okay I had my flash drive right after class up until when I was watching the movie where did I lose it in between there and I figured out that I left it at the printer in my building so I went to the front desk I’m like did anyone turn in a flash drive it’s white with a blue cap and the lady handed it to me and I was like thank you so much like I’m so relieved I’m like really hot and flustered because of it and even though was rainy and gross outside to end up being gorgeous and deceivingly really hot out so I changed my shirt once again I’m about to go get some groceries I need to need to calm myself because I’m I’m very stressed [Music] all right so see what I got comes for baby carrots and hummus I got romaine broccoli apple grapes these bagel fins and everything flavor because I’ve just been craving everything bagels a pepper tofu dairy free yogurt spaghetti squash and pumpkin spice Cheerios cuz these are amazing I am currently hosting up in everything bagel because like I said of them really craving it and I’ll probably just eat it with some like grapes or something sorry I’m off to class for the past couple hours I’ve been in and out of it just I had like a bunch of reading assignments to do um unfortunately I kept falling asleep I don’t know why I’ve been so tired yesterday and today like every time I just sit down and like stop moving I’m like ready to go to bed so yeah I only have paid attention to what I was reading so hopefully there’s nothing a quiz on it or anything but going to class a little bit early to actually like brush up one what I didn’t quit greed alright class is over it’s that two-and-a-half-hour movie class where I don’t pay attention to the movies and I do other work but somehow I still know what’s going on I don’t know I’m really good at multitasking especially when it comes to doing work and watching movies but yeah I I can’t get my thoughts together today so it’s Tuesday and every Tuesday Thursday night I go to yoga and I never fail to go but today I just like I’m really not feeling it which is like I should go to yoga to make myself feel better but my stomach is killing me and I know I’m just gonna be uncomfortable the whole time trying to like not focus on my stomach and then end up focusing on how much my stomach hurts and I can just already feel me getting stressed trying to relieve stress I’ve just been like in an annoying mood today I don’t know I think it’s cuz I lost my SD card I mean my flash drive earlier and since then I’ve just kind of been on edge like everyone’s just kind of annoying me we all have those days guys and now my stomach is killing me and I can’t figure out why it’s like a stabbing pain right in the center of my stomach I love it today is going great so yeah I’m not going to yoga I’m definitely gonna like sit down like meditate for a few minutes just to Center myself but I’m gonna work on that essay because the draft of it is due tomorrow and I have some other work I want to get done and then I want to edit this video so today it has been not the best not gonna lie it’s just a lot of work I got really tired I took a nap my stomach hurts um yeah so we all have those days but I’m just wrapping that up for the night I really just want to chill I’m gonna take off my makeup you know I’m gonna take off my eyelashes right now so good uh taking off your eyelashes is like the best meal I ever but yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna end the video there I hope you guys enjoyed if your day wasn’t the best like me hey it’s okay tomorrow is a new day and it could be a better one so make sure you guys stay tuned to my next vlog and have a wonderful day wherever you are

A Short Essay Demo Using a Structured Essay Writing Template

in the last video we looked at a Scrivener template for what I’m calling a structured approach to essay writing in this video I’m gonna put some flesh on the bones of this template and show you what a short essay project might actually look like using this template in Scrivener here’s our document where we’re looking at the draft folder and cork board view the three subfolders are visible in the binder let’s open up the preliminary folder we’ve got the assignment folder a timeline in scheduling folder and the structure brainstorm a folder I’ve got at least one text document inside each of these folders let’s look at the assignment folder this is where you put a copy of the essay assignment I just made this one up for demo purposes we can see that the assignment is to write at one thousand to twelve hundred word essay on the topic called a mind dreaming right now it’s a philosophical topic not likely something you’ll encounter outside of a philosophy class but again this is just for demo purposes the second bullet item clarifies the issue which is whether it’s possible to know for certain that you’re not dreaming right now so we’re being asked to write about this topic and take a stand on that issue now let’s look at the timeline in scheduling document here I’ve made notes about the timeline if there were specific deadlines you’d put those here for the sake of this demo let’s say that you’ve got two weeks to research write and submit the essay so I’m telling myself here that I’ll break the writing into two phases a research and outline phase and a draft writing phase I’ll plan to complete the research and outline for the essay before the end of week one and get a draft written circulated for feedback and a revision written by the end of week two the feedback could come from your teacher or a classmate or a friend or a family member or even yourself if you find that after a break you can come back and read your own work with fresh eyes if you use a task manager of some kind or a calendar app or a day planner it’s often helpful to input these tasks into that system anything that helps you keep track of your time and remind you of what needs to be done now in the structure brainstorm folder I’ve put two documents the first is a reminder of the organizational structure of any good argumentative or persuasive essay what the introduction can should include and what belongs in the main body the key to any good argument of Si is that it has an argument objection reply structure you need an argument for your central thesis we then need to consider the most natural objections to that argument and you need to offer replies to those objections this structure applies to any argumentative essay on any topic it helps with the organization of the essay but more importantly it helps to direct your research and frame the questions that you need to ask yourself as you become more familiar with a topic now at this stage I need to go and do some research Google is a perfectly good place to start but in a real classroom assignment you’ll probably have some reading suggestions and sources to look at but let’s assume that I’m googling phrases like how do I know I’m not dreaming to see what comes up and let’s say I encounter some promising blog posts on this topic I’ll use the research folder in the binder to collect and organize any relevant web links so let’s look at that I’ve got a subfolder for links one for documents one for final versions of your essay and I’ve got an outline document here which I’ll get to shortly if you open the links folder you’ll see four links that I’ve added just by dragging and dropping the URL from the browser into this folder Scrivener imports a copy of the webpage and includes the actual link at the bottom of the display window so you can open the link in your browser at any time I can click on the items in the binder to preview the web documents we’ve got three entries on the topic from a blog by a professional philosopher Eric Swiss cable and a link to an online encyclopedia philosophy entry on the philosophy of dreaming so I’ve got these research items and they all seem relevant to my topic the next step in my research process is to read these documents and take notes for myself I’ve come to discover that a lot of students just don’t take notes they’ll read or skim a document looking for relevant information and maybe highlight sections of the document but they don’t have the habit of making written notes on the document they’re reading with so many sources of information being consumed digitally I think is even more important to cultivate a habit of taking notes here’s the system I use with Scrivener you can see that there’s a disclosure triangle beside each of these links in the binder that means there’s a document nested inside that’s where I put a note to make on the source document so if I click on this notes item you’ll see the notes document associated with the blog entry to take notes you create a blank document and then split the view pane so you can see both your source document and your notes document at the same time here you can see them displayed one above the other you can also toggle the display to view them side-by-side it can be a little scrunched in this view but here’s a trick I use to give me lots of space there are two buttons up here on the toolbar this one opens up the selected document in full screen composition mode this other one opens up the selected document in a separate panel called a quick reference panel with these two buttons you can take notes in full-screen mode while previewing your webpage I can move the notes document over to the left hand side to give room on the right and now I can resize the quick reference panel and put it on the right I can type notes in the document while scrolling the webpage on the right it’s a beautiful system now let’s back out a full-screen mode you’ll see that I’ve got notes on all of the research documents when you nest them under the source link you’ve always got your notes associated with the right source the really cool thing about taking notes this way is that when I’m actually writing my draft I can split the editing pane and put my notes up side-by-side with my draft document so I can refer to them while I’m writing this is a really nice feature in Scrivener now I’ve done my research taken some notes thought about the essay let’s say I’m now ready to sketch an outline for my essay you can use an ordinary text document in Scrivener to do this and that might be the most convenient way to do it for the sake of this demonstration I’ve used the mind mapping tool in inspiration 9 to sketch an outline here’s the mind map I decided to structure the main bot of the essay in three parts I’m going to defend the composition which I’m calling dream skepticism which says that we cannot know for sure that we’re not dreaming right now the first part will talk about the philosophical significance of the dream question the second part will present the two most common arguments against dream skepticism along with my reply is in the third section we’ll talk about the implications of this position for more general skeptical questions some of these ideas are my own and some were inspired by the discussions I read in my research materials I’ve added a text note on the bottom node which you can see if you open up the text notes symbol you can use these text nodes to elaborate on ideas and arguments you might have on the topic so that’s my initial outline an inspiration you can view this mind map in outline mode just by clicking on the outline button in the toolbar I can continue to work on this outline in outline mode but I’ve decided that this is enough for now and I want to return to Scrivener so what I did is I exported a PDF version of the mind map diagram and a PDF version of the outline and imported those into the research folder in Scrivener and that’s what I have here in the mind map outline folder here’s the diagram and here’s the outline now just a reminder this is all part of the structure brainstorming stage of the writing process I like to have a structured document up in the preliminary folder so what I did was copied and pasted the text of the outline that’s here in this document that I titled brainstorm it’s editable now it’s not a PDF anymore so I can continue to play around with this outline in Scrivener if I want to so now that I have an outline in mind I can go ahead and add some structure to the main body section of the draft folder as you can see I added folders for all of the sections within each of these I added a text document this is a stage where you start writing your draft using whatever notes or other resources you have as references to help with the writing as I click through you can see the text I’ve added for each of these sections I added the section headings because I wanted them to show up in the final document remember that in Scrivener these text documents aren’t separate pages they’re just sections of text it might be just a few paragraphs long or cell pages long when you compile the document for export they’ll just show up as separate sections of text on the page in the order in which they were organized in the binder now I can see multiple text sections in the editor window either by selecting the top-level folder which displays all the sections nested within it or by selecting individual text doc here’s what the document looks like when I’ve selected all the parts including a title section it looks like a real essay don’t let the lines distract you those are just a visual indication of when a text section starts and stops you won’t see them in the exported version I noticed the word count at the bottom of the editor window our target was an essay between 1,000 and 1,200 words and this document has twelve hundred and sixty-two words so we’re in the right ballpark if this was a real assignment and my instructor was a stickler for word limits I’d have to do some editing I’m not gonna go through the essay itself with you this is just a demo to show how the writing process might work using a template like this I’ve tried to make it sound reasonable but I wasn’t really trying to write a good essay on this topic my goal again is just to walk you through the essay writing process using this particular set of tools but I will show you how the structure tips can help to remind you about good essay form look at the introduction for example when I click on the folder you can see the document but in corkboard view you can see the synopsis for the folder and the synopsis reminds us of what you want to see in an introductory section of an essay now look at the introduction the first paragraph frames the issue the first line of the second paragraph states the main thesis of the essay I will argue that we cannot be sure that we’re not dreaming right now the final two sentences provide a brief roadmap of the rest of the essay so we’re following good essay form we can quibble about whether it’s appropriate for your audience to use the first-person pronoun the way I do here but that’s a question of writing style not structure the point of using a template like this is to help students produce essays with a sound organizational structure good writing style is a topic we’ll cover in later videos now to finish up let’s see what this document looks like when you export it for print click the compile button in the toolbar you can also find us under the file menu there are a lot of options here if you just want to print out the document using the formatting you’ve used in the editor then all you need to do is tell Scrivener which sections you want included in the document click on all options select the contents tab and select sa draft now you can select the sections you want to include within this folder which in this case are the primary text sections not the folders and I have any references in this document so I won’t include those now go down to the page settings tab by default Scrivener likes to print the Scrivener project title in the header but I don’t want that so I’ll delete that in the footer section there’s a page number tag which I like so I’ll leave that now click compile a print settings box opens up I like to use the open PDF and preview option on the Mac so when I select that this is what our document looks like as a PDF document you can see that the separator lines no longer show up everything is nicely formatted and there are page numbers running along the footer I can save our print this as is or you can compile your essay as a Word document if you need to copy in that format you can make all kinds of formatting changes in the compile stage but this is the simplest way to print your essay it just borrows the style settings you were using in the text editor to format the printed document so I hope I’ve given you some sense of how a template like this can help to support what I’m calling a structured approach to essay writing if you’re not using Scrivener you can still implement a lot of the elements of this approach you can create a project folder on your computer for storing and organizing your essay assignment details your timeline your research materials and notes your outlines your drafts and so on you can print out materials or open up multiple windows that will let you see your notes while you’re writing you can implement the concept any way you want what’s important is having a system that forces you to think about structural issues and it makes it easy to write with those structural issues in mind

How to Get Started on Your College Essay

man when it comes to writing college essays there are literally hundreds of books out there that talk to you about what you need to write about how to write your essay a bunch of information that is a lot to comprehend all at one time now this video isn’t really focused on what you need to write about or how to make it stand out or anything like that but just about how to start I think that’s the hardest part for most students because everyone just contemplates and thinks and sits and waits and since it’s already September for those of you applying you guys already know that this is primetime to get started early because you do not want to be cramming at that last minute I will say though that there’s a lot more information in the e-book that’s launching September 1st about writing the college application essay every little thing about short answers supplemental essays the comment app I even go through and break down my own coming up an essay and until you guys why I wrote it like I did I did make a video about that that I’ll link down below if you want to already read my comment essay but it’s just a little bit more revised and refined than the one that I’ve previously uploaded now this video is sponsored by Collegium prep a few weeks ago they reached out to me and I found out that they were also a bunch of Ivy League students and college students themselves who had a similar mission of helping students get into their dream school Legion prep offers a bunch of services all the way from picking out a school list filling out the comment a financial aid essay review how to pick a school like like I said the reason that I support them so much is that they’re also college kids and they been through the application process they know what it’s been like they know what it takes to get into Harvard and Stanford and Princeton so they have a lot of unique insights that they can share with you guys if you’re interested definitely check them out below they offer a bunch of different packages and their pricing is super transparent and compared to the other culture insulting companies they’re doing it for a fraction of the cost they also offer many pro bono services so that might be the case for your financial needs definitely check them out below I will have it linked all right step number one brainstorm this is the most important part of any writing process regardless of any application that you’re writing if there’s one thing that you spend the most time on it should be this step because this is critical to your success and obviously your overall arching message of your essay when I say brainstorm it’s not your typical bubble maths and your tea graphs and whatever they tell you in middle school it’s actual brainstorming mean that you’re gonna need a lot of time to and ponder if you’ve been struggling for the past few weeks and can’t figure out where to get started here’s what you do find a local coffee shop finding your couch find your bed any way that you feel the most comfortable and the most relaxed and just sit there open up your laptop open up a Google Doc title brainstorm and write you just have to let your ideas flow onto that page read the pump over and over and over and just think about what that means to you internalize it really process what they’re asking and what you think that they want to hear from you and just go from there like the more ideas you have this gives you flexibility when it comes to finding one concrete topic they can actually write a sufficient essay about now this book is written by Alan Gelb I purchased it when I was applying and it I didn’t read through the whole thing because I’m lazy but there were a few good things that I wanted to share with you guys first off you have to consider the various reasons why people write in the first place she says to connect with other people to come to terms with something in the past to project into the future to better understand something in nature to amuse to arouse to preserve a tradition or fork way to confess to forgive now those are really great options to consider before you start writing your own essay because I mean yet to really consider like why you’re writing this college application essay what benefit is it gonna do for you other than just getting you into your college but more importantly what is that admissions committee gonna be able to take away and learn from you about as a person and from the experiences you’ve had in your 17 or 18 years what is one or two things that you can really impactfully you know tell a story because that’s at the end of the day if you take one thing away from this video is that you need a tell story you need to find a way to think of it less as a college essay right think of it more as a poem or a short story or a novel that you’re gonna be writing and as soon as you flip that switch in your mind it’s gonna be so much easier I promise now also a few questions that can help jumpstart things are what has been the hardest thing in your life what has been difficult for you to accomplish at what points have you felt inadequate and how did you deal with those feelings if you have too quickly your plate your life which two or three moments would jump out ahead of all the others what do you regard as your greatest victory what in the world fascinates you have you ever felt betrayed what fills you with pride these are just a few sample questions to help get the juices flowing but I mean at the end of the day like I said just pick things that are meaningful and memorable to you and start writing about that okay so after you’ve brainstormed a bunch of ideas you want to separate them into three different categories there that the things you can actually work with and the cream another crop the throw it out in the garbage delete it if you really don’t think you can work with it then there’s no point in dwelling any time thinking about it now the other two categories are the most important and what you are gonna be able to write an actual essay out of from these six to ten or what however many ideas you have start to narrow it down to the most meaningful ones and also the ones with the most depth the ones with the most impact lowness and the ones that you can actually craft a real story out of if you have one or two small memories that are meaningful but you can’t craft the whole essay out of it then maybe those aren’t the best ones but if you have an in-depth you know personal experience that has shaped you or you know shape the way that you viewed life then you know obviously that’s gonna be a better story to tell now step two as Maggie says it just do it your education gonna write itself there’s no one out there that’s gonna be able to formulate your story and be able to tell it in a compelling way in your own words with your own actions and the way that you tell it is gonna be so unique to you that you can’t hire anyone else to do it you can’t have a special computer come up with any algorithm to write your perfect story it has to be up to you which is why this is such a roadblock for so many students like you guys get so caught up in the little things about it needs to be perfect right off the bat it needs to be this and that and reality no it doesn’t like your first drafts are gonna be complete I will tell you that right now like it took me so long to get from where I started to my final product and the fact that it took so many edits and revisions made it all that much better which is why you have to start somewhere even if you think it’s complete garbage which you probably will think that’s why I thought that’s what everyone thinks when they first start writing you just have to keep pushing through that and the more you get comfortable with writing college application essays the better and better its gonna get and the more time that you push it off I can’t do it right now I don’t have anything good to talk about or all I’ll just do it tomorrow I’ll do it next week you’re pushing yourself later in the application process that it’s gonna be too late for you to get a good concrete rough draft so that it can go through multiple revisions like I said now when it comes to running a successful and persuasive college essay you need to have a good hook your hook is your attention grabber and it just keeps your reader entertained and wants them to keep reading so that they can learn more about what it is you have to say what you’re gonna be talking about in your essay obviously there’s theses like you learned in high school but when it comes to college essays your attention grabber in my opinion is more important and more effective which is why like I said in my comment up essay I started off with like Candace’s her name she has curves in all the right places everywhere I go she’s right there hand in hand side by side it’s weird that I still remember my college essay word-for-word but you know that’s a funny attention grabber I talk about candidates like it’s a girl when in reality she’s my camera and you learn more about why I had and how I fell in love with photography and personifying my camera as a girl was just a really creative writing tool that you know kept the reader entertained and wanted to learn more I personally recommend avoiding the rhetorical cliche questions about do you ever wonder or have you ever been in this situation like I would avoid that because it’s still overused I do recommend things like in media or a style which like dives the reader right into the middle of the action and then you can kind of backtrack rewind to the beginning and then go from there another important huge vital step is to find one unique experience students get so caught up in trying to tell their whole life story in China become too much of a people person and they’re just being too narcissistic like you don’t really matter that much in the application process it’s your story that matters it’s the experiences you had whether it was studying abroad or helping a nonprofit organization in Africa or volunteering at your local hospital the experiences that you’ve been through and have shaped you as a person and the people that you have met and have you know shown you this way of life is what’s impactful if you try and talk about your whole life story about when I was a kid my parents moved here and they raised me to do this and now I want to go to Stanford to do become a doctor so that I can give back to my family that’s boring and since you only have about 650 words you’re never gonna be able to go past the surface level when you’re trying to cover that much information which is why I think it’s so important to just find one experience story or moment that you can craft a whole essay out of in front there that’s just gonna give you a lot more real estate so that you can go really in depth on this one topic rather than just barely hitting the surface on a bunch of different topics does that make sense now step three edit edit edit this is a huge step in refining your college essays so that becomes a work of art let me find anyone that will take 5 to 10 minutes on it they read over your essay and give you critiques it doesn’t even have to be grammatical or typos arrows but just ask them you know hey what did you think of this essay what flows well what doesn’t where you did you feel something packed full after reading my essay the more and more people that you get to do this whether it’s your friends your teachers your directors anyone that has some kind of say in your life reach out to them and be like can you read over this just tell me your most initial thoughts that’s another thing I just realized is that you want to get their initial thoughts not you know right after they’ve read it and it’s had time to fade away but you know try and be with them when they read it and see their expressions you know are they laughing in love they’re reading it are they emotional what do they feel after putting down your paper and looking in the eyes and saying this is incredible or they could say I don’t understand this what’s your point what are you trying to get across and it’s important that you take that advice very seriously and take it to heart because as great of a writer as you think you are considering other people’s feedback and using that to improve your own writing is the only way you’re gonna improve in life as a writer and just or just in general like taking criticism and learning from it and seeing what you can improve is the most fast-track way to success okay I’ve been rambling way too long but I know that college essays are a huge burden to tackle personally for me I know that getting started was the hardest part I just felt so discouraged like reading my first drafts me like this is complete garbage like I don’t want to keep going but you know I hope that with these tips it helps give you the motivation to just get started like I said once you have your feet wet and you know have a few lines or a few paragraphs written then it just starts to go from there that about wraps up for this video I hope you guys enjoyed make sure you guys like comment and subscribe and I will see you guys next time [Music]